Friday, December 10, 2010

What's Playing at Kingstone Flash

Now that the semester is winding down, I can take a moment to give my thoughts on the shows I'm looking into at the moment.  I suppose I could wait and do full reviews (I still may), but some of these shows are fansubs that probably won't be complete for years at the rate they're going.  I guess I should go learn Japanese or something.

Current tokusatsu lineup:

Choujuu Sentai Liveman

I am pleasantly surprised at how much darker this show is then the Power Ranger stuff America usually gets.  The villains get a lot of good development, especially Obler and Mazenda.  I'll admit to having a crush on Megumi Mori.  I'm also very fond of the episodes where Jou gets emotional and his voice practically cracks as he henshins (episodes 3 and 18 come to mind).  It's been so many years since I've seen Power Rangers, but I can't recall PR having drama this good (at least for a kid's show).  Sometimes I catch myself really wanting to call Machine Buffalo when things get tough at work.  God, I really do get immersed in these shows.  I'm taking a break from Liveman to let GUIS churn out some more subbed episodes, but I love what I've seen so far.

Megumi Mori....Hnnnnng!

Kamen Rider Black - I absolutely love Tetsuo Kurata as Minami Kotaro.  The way he goes on about Golgom's actions being unforgivable and how his eyes widen and he clenches his fists and all before he henshins...god, it gets me pumped.  The henshin sequence is so awesome that sometimes, I try and henshin myself, arm motions and everything.  For some reason, I can't say anything else except that I'm hooked and I'm enjoying the ride. Hopefully, Century Kings will finish it soon.

Kamen Rider Stronger - I started Stronger as sort of a diversion from Black to give Century Kings more time to finish the series.  I'm only a handful of episodes in, but I find it to be quite enjoyable.  Shigeru Jo is such a strange character.  He's kind of crazy, but he's definitely got balls.  He wastes no time telling Black Satan exactly who he is, and he always goes around wearing a shirt with huge "S" on it and gloves to cover his cyborg hands.  He's so quirky, and his henshin is so over the top that it breaches the awesome threshold.  Black Satan's henchmen look so derpy...they crack me up.  The action is very old-school, but it's great fun.  Also, Tackle <3

Current Anime lineup:


Not my usual type of show, but it's been pretty solid so far.  I can't say that I'm blown away or anything, but it's kept me interested enough to slowly pick at it.  Maybe it's the (scantily-clad chicks + violence) guy factor.  My roommate's reaction to seeing the opening was, "Why is she smearing blood on her ass?"  I'll probably finish it when finals are over.

That's all for now.  I'll probably return with my video game backlog and rant about something.

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